Laser Tag 4 Hire now enables you to run your own exciting laser tag event…just turn the key and let the adventure begin!

Our Laser Tag 4 Hire packages will help make any event a BIG success! Laser Tag 4 Hire is a great idea for birthday parties, school fundraisers, church youth groups and corporate entertainment…or just to have a bit of weekend fun with family and friends.

Laser Tag 4 Hire is a safe and fun activity for all ages and fitness levels. There are no projectiles so there is no mess, no pain and no bruises! Our Laser Tag phasers are made tough and being weather resistant means you can play just about anywhere, anytime.

Pick up at our depot, or we can courier to your door with our optional delivery and return service. To find out if we can deliver to you, please call us on 1300 661 565…conditions apply.

The Cobra Phaser

Your choice of our awesome Mini Mac (pictured) or larger Cobra Phaser is crammed full of state of the art gaming technology to fully immerse the player. Featuring an effective range of up to 100m, each phaser relays real-time instant hit feedback – meaning you’ll always know what’s happening on the field. The red dot scopes improve accuracy, while the awesome light and sound effects add to the WOW factor. Dual grips make it easy for even the youngest players to be included in the fun. Lightweight, extremely tough, and water resistant makes our gear suitable for all conditions.

The Inflatables

Our new Inflatable Tactical Bunkers (ITB’s) will add realism to any Laser Tag event. These provide important ‘cover’ to help players escape enemy fire! They are filled with air so they are soft and safe and we provide an electric blower to help you speed up the process.When you pick up the equipment we will give you a ‘heads up’ on the correct inflating procedure. They only take a few minutes to fill and quick to pack back up again. Approximate size: 1.2 w x 1.1 h x 1.5l across the base of the T-wall.

Big enough for 2 kids or an adult to ‘take cover’!

Inflatable prices are $39 per T-wall for the duration of your chosen hire package.


10x Cobra Phasers

5 phasers are designated Red Team and 5 for Green Team. Choice of sound effects – either military or sci-fi. Phasers are mounted with red dot scopes for taking aim!

2x Medic Boxes

Revives ‘health’ and keeps team scores. 1 Medic Box is designated for Red Team and 1 for Green Team.

Keys and Whistle

The phasers are simple to turn on, the whistle is yours to keep. 1 operation manual. Or just watch our instructional video here.







The above prices quoted are for you to pick up at our depot in Salamander Bay, Port Stephens. Courier delivery can sometimes be arranged depending on your location. The delivery fees vary from suburb to suburb and are quite reasonable, so call us on 1300 661 565 for a quotation today. Conditions apply.

*customer pick up only, courier delivery not available on this package. Courier delivery only available on weekend hire package.


YES! There are NO projectiles, no mess and no pain or bruising. Laser Tag is a generic name given to the activity. There are NO lasers actually used. Laser Tag 2 U’s  Cobra Phasers use a beam of SAFE invisible light. Infrared light is used in many toys and household appliances. For more information, check out our infrared safety report.
Currently, Laser Tag 4 Hire operates throughout much of NSW. We cover the major centres and regional areas that FASTWAY and TNT couriers can deliver and pick up from. Call to discuss your requirements. The price quoted to you will include return of the hire equipment back to our depot. There are specific conditions that are set out by the courier company and these will be explained to you at the time of your booking. It’s important to remember that you need to be at your delivery address at the required times both to accept delivery and then for the return pickup to avoid additional charges.
If you’re playing on private property you’ll need to ensure you have the approval of the landowner. If you don’t have a suitable area then there are plenty of council owned land such as reserves, parks and sporting ovals. Realistically, you may have to pay a small fee to your local council. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have the go ahead to run the event at your chosen location. You can run an event on an area the size of a tennis court or on a large bush land setting covering many acres. You just need to remember that the players need ‘cover’ to hide behind, to get out of the line of sight of the opposing forces!
The Cobra Phasers shoot a pulse or beam of invisible infrared light when the trigger is pulled. ‘Infrared’ light is used in your TV remote control and in many common household devices and toys. The object is to aim at an opposing player to ‘tag’ their electronic receiver sensor. There are awesome light and sound effects that immerse the player into the live action gaming experience. The Cobra Phasers can be set to Military SFX or Science Fiction SFX. The setting determines the difficulty level and how the players are exposed to and perceive the game. These settings will be discussed with you during the booking procedure. Basically you have a choice between gun shot sound effects or space blasters…pew-pew!
Players should wear comfortable clothing suitable to the weather, as well as enclosed footwear. Many players wear ‘futuristic or camouflage’ outfits with face paint to really set the theme.
Getting ready to run your event is an exciting time for everyone involved. Preparations that you’ve made in advance of the players arrival will determine the success of your adventure. There are some common sense guidelines for you to consider when setting up your ‘battlefield’. We call this a ‘risk assessment’. We strongly recommend you read this prior to playing and use the information to determine if there are any safety issues you can improve or eliminate. Although not exhaustive, this might help bring something to your attention, something you may not of considered. Here are some additional points to consider titled ‘play it safe’.
We are a family business. CJR Sweeney P/L began trading as Battlezone Playlive in 2007. We have now grown into the Combat Adventure Sports Entertainment Group, the largest provider of outdoor Laser Tag and Laser Skirmish adventures within NSW. Our various businesses include: Laser Tag 2 U, Laser Tag 4 Hire, Battlezone Playlive and Newcastle Team Building. Our business is based on providing a fun and safe outdoor activity for all ages and fitness levels. Our two fixed Laser Skirmish venues attract thousands of players annually at two iconic locations. The Maitland Gaol in East Maitland and The Salt Ash Weapons Range in Port Stephens. With our combined experience we guarantee that your event will provide a truly memorable experience…HOOAH!
Booking Conditions

Call Laser Tag 4 Hire on 1300 661 565 to discuss availability.

A deposit of 50% is required to confirm your booking and reserve your preferred date and time. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express or payment by direct deposit.

Credit card payments incur 1.5% administration fee

After receiving the deposit we will email you a tax invoice outlining your booking details.
You will need to send us an email to confirm that you have read, accept and understand our terms and booking conditions. Please take a moment to read the ‘Important Organiser Information’ documents now.
We will contact you 14 days prior to your event to finalise payment.
Sign the HIRE AGREEMENT form and email the last page back to us.

Transferring Date

If you choose to change the day or time for your Laser Tag 4 Hire event, you can do so at no cost to you IF we receive the change at least 14 days prior to the event. Changes less than 14 days before the event will incur a 25% fee.


If you choose to cancel your Laser Tag 4 Hire event prior to 14 days, a charge of 25% will be incurred. If you cancel less than 14 days before the event you will lose all fees paid.
Laser Tag 4 Hire reserves the right to cancel any booking at any time. If this unlikely event does occur, all fees paid will be refunded.

Inclement Weather

Laser Tag can be played in most weather conditions. However if there is persistent HEAVY rain or lightning, we STRONGLY recommend suspending play or cancelling your event. The laser tag equipment can be used in light rain but cannot be submersed in water. You will be responsible for the care of the equipment during the hire period.

Important Organiser Information



Please call us at any time to discuss your upcoming event with Laser Tag 4 Hire. If we aren’t able to take your call straight away please leave a short message and we’ll get back to you soon. If you prefer, feel free to just send us an email use or use our contact form.